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Liquid 3D Designs Specializes in Cosmichrome to Make Virtually Any Surface Shine.



Liquid 3D Design specializes in Cosmichrome to make virtually any surface shine, chrome and water transfer printing that stands out by design. Liquid 3D Design can personalize any porous surface to reflect your taste and style. From cars to guitars, see yourself in it and bring it to Liquid 3D.

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Cosmichrome is superior to traditional chrome plating, a known carcinogen that leaves an uneven coat. Cosmichrome is sprayed on for a uniform, mirror-like finish.

Water Transfer Printing

Water transfer printing, also known as hydrographic printing, immersion printing or dipping, is a technique that uses water tension to apply designs to three-dimensional objects. ​


Autoflex is a peelable, yet durable, vinyl coating that protects automotive factory paint from weather, road debris and UV exposure.


Give me a call or email me. All I need are the dimensions and a picture and I can give you a quote. For most orders there is typically a three- to four-week turnaround time.
Shipping is at the customer’s discretion. I’m happy to use the customer’s preferred shipping method. The customer just pays the shipping cost.
Autoflex provides a seamless, smooth finish and remains flexible, so the finish will never curl or become brittle. The durable finish remains hard, slick and scratch resistant until you decide to peel it off. There’s no adhesive, so there won’t be any gluey residue, and you’ll find your car’s paint job exactly as you left it.
Cosmichrome holds up. The finish lasts and the sun will never turn it yellow. The thing to remember is that Cosmichrome is a clear spray-on top coat, and its durability will be the same as the automotive factory paint that’s on your car now. That said, the way you take care of a Cosmichrome finish is no different than the way you take care of any other car’s finish. Cosmichrome can be washed, waxed, wet sanded, buffed and polished.